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Now You Know: Goal Setting 101

Goal setting is crucial for producing the results you want. Planning out your goals can help you create a path to success. Without a plan, it's easy to forget what you're working towards. Here are some tips to help you get started on setting goals in a way that’ll get you the most out of them. First, make your goals are specific and measurable. It’s easy to stray away from what you want to achieve when you phrase your goals too vaguely. Next make sure you can measure your progress towards your goals. Also make sure your goals are attainable and realistic. Unrealistic goals will only discourage you when they are not achieved. Keeping your goals practical will help you stay motivated. Lastly make sure your goals are timely. They should have a deadline, otherwise they will never get done. The most important thing however is to believe in yourself! You set your own limitations. If you keep a positive outlook and remain focused, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. So I challenge you to write down the three most important things you want to accomplish this week. Once you write your goals down they become real and you become much more likely to act on them.

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