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Now You Know: Gratitude 101

Gratitude is the precursor for happiness. It leads us to be thankful for the blessings that we already have. Without gratitude there can be no real happiness. I mean think about it…. What’s the point of losing weight if you still won’t be happy? Health and happiness are the most important goals a person can have in life.

The way you start your journey of experiencing happiness is by practicing gratitude. Start by thanking the universe for giving you another day. Thank your higher power for being alive. Thank the world that all the people you know woke up today. Not everyone is blessed enough to say the same.

Showing appreciation for life will make it more fun for you. It will motivate you to stick to your health plan and crush your goals. Showing gratitude will make you feel good. If you feel good, then you will also do good. Doing good means attending your coaching sessions, journaling your food, getting regular exercise, and restful sleep.

All these healthy habits will make you a much more attractive individual. It will lead people to want to interact with you. Showing gratitude will also lead you to more fulfilling relationships. There is only one way to say this. GRATITUDE IS SEXY!

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