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Now You Know: How To Measure Your Weight-loss Success?

Often times the weight-loss world focuses on the wrong success metrics. It is extremely important that we know what metrics to ignore.

The first overemphasized metric that all dieters focus on is weight. We feel that weight alone does not give enough detail. When an individual loses weight, it is important to consider where the weight is coming from. Is the weight-loss coming from fat, muscle, or water?

Knowing that weight has changed alone is not enough. For this reason we measure lean mass and body fat percentage. Click here to learn how you can test your body composition for free. Instead of weight, the metrics we focus on here are body fat percentage and lean mass. Our goal is to reduce body fat percentage while maintaining lean mass.

The other over empathized success metric is calories. New patients join this program with the ideology that they need to be counting their calories. Through our experience we have found that counting calories is not as helpful as one may think.

Instead we have focused our patients attention on their macro-nutrients. We have our patients base their diets off their macro nutrient goals. In specific we have them limit their carbohydrate intake. By limiting patients from 30 to 50 grams of carbs per day, they subsequently limited their caloric intake. This macro focused approach is one of the many pillars behind our clinic’s success stories.

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