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Now You Know: Mindful Living With A Busy Schedule

Time. It is the most valuable resource in life. However saying “I don’t have time for this” is one of the biggest lies an individual can tell themselves. The statement itself does not make sense. How can any one person have more time than the next? What I am trying to say is that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The real question is, what are your priorities. An individual’s priorities determine how he or she may spend their time.

So as a business owner I know that you are wearing multiple hats. I also know, from first hand experience, that time is tight. Making your business a priority requires a lot of sacrifices. Your health should not be one of them. So how can you make your health a priority even though you have limited time?

It starts with having a plan. You have a plan for your business don’t you? Most likely more than one. You probably have a financial plan, operating plan, and marketing plan to name a few. You took the time out of your life to make a plan which resulted in a profitable business operation. Although you invested time upfront, planning saved you time in the long run. We recommend you do the same thing with your health. Have a meal plan and a fitness plan.

Your meal plan should be personalized for your lifestyle and body. Save time and cook your meat for the week on one set day. We want you to eat .8 grams of meat for each pound of lean mass that your body has. So calculate that number and multiply by 7. Then prepare and cook that amount of meat for the week.

We also recommend you eat 4 cups of vegetables a day. Set aside time to cut and prepare these vegetables ahead of time. This will make eating healthy less of a daunting task during your busy work schedule.

As far as exercising goes its best you start with walking. Aim to get to 10,000 steps per a day. This may seem like a lot but you will be surprised with how doable it is. Use a fit bit and pair it with your ILIVEMINDFUL app to keep track of your steps.

And who is to stay your walking time must be down time? I make most of my social media posts and respond to emails while walking. To be honest some of my most productive conference calls occurred while I was getting my steps in. I challenge you to experiment and let the same thing happen for you.

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