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Now You Know: You Need A Patient Driven Weight-loss Program

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

As one of the co-founders of the ILIVEMINDFUL ecosystem I am proud to say we are a patient driven company. All of our decisions are made with the patient in mind. Our goal is to make the weight-loss journey as smooth as possible for people. Losing weight is a hard enough task for itself. I mean after all our bodies are naturally designed to gain weight. So how do we make the patient experience as smooth as possible? By doing one word. LISTENING. Yes, listening is the secret behind building a patient driven weight-loss practice.

We listen to each patients individual needs. This is imperative because everybody is different and therefore has different needs. As a result we build personalized care plans for each patient. This is far different from main stream ketogenic diet plans. We adjust our care plan as the patients body chemistry adjusts simultaneously.

We also listen to our patients when determining what products to buy. Some patients are allergic to gluten and other ingredients. We try to keep this in mind when selecting a product catalog. In fact we just hosted our first patient centered focus group last weekend. The focus group was invite only and meant for patients that have been on the Mindful Living protocol for at least six weeks. We got these patients feedback on new products we are considering to stock. We feel the patient should play an integral role in determining these kinds of decisions.

The Mindful Living Institute hopes to inspire its patients to follow them and develop a culture of good listeners. We have organized a support group for anyone on the weight-loss journey. The purpose of this group is to foster a community atmosphere where people are empowered to share their weight-loss trials and tribulations. The group will also have access to Dr. Kaur and will be getting some of the most effective weight-loss advice in the world for free. The group meets every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. It is open to the public. Please RSVP if you want to attend the next weight-loss support group.

We encourage our community and follower base to listen to each other. For example, we have featured our patient Lisa’s first 100 days story on our blog. This is encouraging other people to learn from Lisa, while empowering Lisa to stay accountable to them. She is even documenting her progress on Youtube for every body to learn from. Check out episode 1 here and keep an eye out for future episodes showcasing her journey. Its safe to say that this is all a result of listening and empowering our community. Sometimes we even feature patient success stories. Nathan winter break story is a perfect example of giving someone a platform to share their story and be accountable to a follower base. By this we mean Nathan is sticking to his health plan because he does not want to let his readers down. Because of this and Nathan’s pure discipline he is crushing his goals. Anyways the point is we create opportunities for our community to listen to and empower each other.

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