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Now You Know: Self Love and Self Sabotage

Self love is one of the most important things an individual can experience in life. It leads to self-respect and self-care as well. All of these are imperative to live a happy fulfilled life style. Self-love should never be dependent on some sort of outcome. You should love yourself regardless of your results. Your love for your self should never depend on an external factor.

In the context of weight-loss this means you should love yourself regardless of what the scale says. You should love your self enough to only put healthy fuel into your body. By this we mean lots of protein and very little carbs! Self-love can be expressed in numerous different ways though.

It can be expressed as going for a workout, taking a bath, or even hanging out with friends. Self love is doing stuff intentionally for your own personal wellbeing or benefit. The point is that the process of self-love looks different for everyone. It is important that we monitor our self-love.

If we are not careful about monitoring our self-love, then we can turn to self-sabotage. The things we do to express love for ourselves can destroy us. An example of this would be overworking our-self at the gym. Doing so can lead to serious injury.

Another example could be the body positivity movement. This movement is great as it encourages people to have a positive self-image. However, this positive self-image can be a problem when it is rooted in delusion. Some people neglect addressing very serious health conditions in the name of body positivity. This is a perfect example of self-sabotage.

Just because you love your self and the way you look, does not mean you shouldn’t try to lose weight. Fit people work out and eat healthy all the time. Rather than self sabotage, people should take care of their bodies as a sign of self love. Our belief is that self love rooted in truth is the purest form of body positivity.

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