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Now You Know: The Benefits Of Filming Coaching Sessions

Transparency is a word that is not talked about enough in the weight-loss industry. Marketers typically entice their audience with polished before and after photos such as this one:

Since they do not show the gruesome process behind the weightless, some would say they are enticing people. Facebook agrees with this general sentiment. They do not allow weight loss companies to pay and promote before and after photos.

It makes sense to me. Providing proof of the results without showing the process is misleading. Anybody that has done this before knows that it is tough. It takes times. It is emotional, and everyone has their ups and downs. That is exactly why the process is transformative on so many different levels. It requires so much hard work and discipline

that it would be impossible not to transform.

Any way our goal is to bring more transparency to the Mindful Living weight-loss process. We want prospective patients to be able to take an inside look into what it takes to lose weight with us.

A great example is episode one of Moving With Matthew. He describes his struggle saying “NO!” to his wife and children when they offer him a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwhich. His rationalization was that “It was National PB&J Day” This is very real stuff that many can relate to.

We are lucky Matthew was generous enough to make him self vulnerable and let us record his session. His openness and transparency has shown people that they are not alone on this journey. Everyone has similar struggles and through the power of community we can overcome them.

Recording patient coaching sessions not only helps the viewers at home but it also empowers the patient on camera. Especially when done in a docu-series format over an extended period of time. It makes sure the patient is staying accountable. Now they know if they fall off the wagon and cheat, their audience will be let down. This makes recording coaching sessions a healthy stressor.

Apart from accountability, recording coaching sessions can empower patients to do so much more. It can lead them to have a prolific impact on their respective communities. Lisa from Losing With Lisa is a great example. Since filming her first episode she has really impacted her community with her personal brand. She has started an online community of nearly 100 inspiring people on Facebook. The beautiful part is that people are interacting with each other daily. Lisa’s candid transparency is inspiring other people to join her on her weight-loss journey.

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