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Now You Know: The Biggest Problem In Medicine

If you haven’t already learned it, one day you will come to the conclusion that life is short. This realization can happen for a number of reasons. It happens for different people at different times in their life. Often times death, or near-death experiences are responsible for this realization.

It’s sad that we must wait till something horrific happens before we start taking care of ourselves. However, this is human nature. We wait for worst case scenarios to happen before we take action.

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome proves that we wait for disease to progress before engaging in self-care. Signs of diabetes, hyper tension, and high cholesterol can all be recognized years before they manifest.

The sad part is that the scientific community has a reactive approach. They would rather lower blood pressure with a pill like amlodipine than fix your diet and prevent hypertension. The medical community needs to unify and understand that metabolic syndrome can be prevented. We as experts must educate people on healthy dieting so they don’t have to endure the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

If we can get people to eat right we will be preventing disease, as opposed to treating it. This is a simple statement but powerful beyond measure. Following this principle will give patients a much higher quality of life. Not only will they have more energy as a result of their healthy diet, they will also save money because they won’t have the same expensive medical checkups. We are certain that mindful dieting can lead to longer and happier lives.

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