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Now You Know: The Power Of A Coach

Any one that has a made significant impact worth mentioning has had a coach. Lebron James, Tom Brady, and Michael Phelps all have this one thing in common. The best athletes in the world all have coaches. Heck even the world’s top business leaders all have coaches. So why don’t you? It is no secret that the right coach can provide a competitive edge.

A coach allows one to see blind spots that an individual would normally miss. In the world of weight-loss a coach can help dieters get a better understanding of their own health habits. A coach provides a mirror revealing a reflection of the dieters current eating habits. The coach helps the dieter become self-aware about these behaviors.

In addition to fostering self-awareness a coach provides accountability and motivation. The point of the coach is to make sure you finish what you committed to. A coach is meant to motivate you to stick to your care plan. It is a lot easier to persevere through a weight-loss program if you partner with a health coach. So what makes a good coach? Someone who listens! A good coach should practice listening to their dieters’ goals and needs. They should also be sensitive and respectful to the struggles associated with the disease of obesity. Your coach should be able to refer you to other people that have lost weight with him or her. You don’t want to follow an amateur, do you? Get a reference list! It is also important the coach is trained in motivational interviewing. This will ensure impactful coaching sessions with lasting results.

However, the most important thing is that you like your coach. It is hard to change your life around with someone you don’t even like. Make sure there is a natural chemistry between you and your coach. It’s much easier to get motivated and to be held accountable by someone you like. Different personality types will vibe with different coaching styles. Keep this in mind when looking for a coach.

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