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Now You Know: What Role Do Big Brands Have In Weight-loss?

The most honest metric measuring an organizations success is not money or brand recognition. Rather the most important measurement of corporate success is impact. Large brands have a social responsibility and its our job to hold these brands accountable. So what in the world does this have to do with weight-loss? Everything!

As Mindful Living patients successfully lose weight and complete the protocol they run into a new problem. They end up needing a new wardrobe. The clothes that used to fit are way too loose due to shrinking body measurements. Clothing brands need to recognize this problem and intervene.

Our goal moving forward is to form strategic partnerships with some of your favorite clothing companies. Then we will have them sponsor the MLI patients who have reached their target weight. In our opinion this sponsorship should look like a week supply of athletic, work, and casual clothing for the patient.

Brands will benefit off this because they would be getting exposure through people actively taking care of themselves. Also, people who lose a significant amount of weight often become influencers to the people around them. Brands will sponsor our weight-loss success stories to further their own brand recognition. These influencers will likely reciprocate and successfully advertise the same brands. This is because these brands identified a pain point and solved a problem for the patients through providing a new wardrobe. Brands that provide genuine value are usually rewarded.

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