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Now You Know: What The Ruck?!

Have you ever heard of a “Ruck?” defines a ruck as something that can be as simple as “walking around with a backpack on a hike” or as “difficult as moving fast with all your military gear.” A ruck is the journey that many in the military take with their belongings to get from point A to point B.

While rucking may at first sound like an intense workout meant only for those in the military or special ops, it’s actually something that anyone can participate in. Participating in rucks allows for you and your family, friends, colleagues, pets, etc to bond. Hiking with a little bit of weight on your back also is a great way for one to destress all while spending quality time with those you love. Please keep in mind you don’t HAVE to put weight in your backpack. It is completely optional, and you can still get the full benefits of a ruck without doing so.

Here in Frederick, Maryland, Torch Ruck Club offers free public rucking events every month. The group is led by distinguished and well trained individuals. Torch Ruck leaders all have some sort of military or police background. This ensures both fun and safe events.

The events are ideal for anyone trying to count their steps while plugging into a community. We have decided to become strategic partners with Torch Ruck. We will be providing free weigh ins to all individuals participating in their events. Not only will you learn about your body but you will have a fun workout with a community of likeminded motivated people. Visit Torch Rucks Facebook Page

to get more information on upcoming events. Hope to see you at one of the events!

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