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The Dangers of Comparison

Comparing ourselves to others often occurs as second nature. Everybody has compared themselves to others at some point or another. I am here to inform you that doing so is terrible for both your physical and mental health. Before I explain why it’s bad for you, let’s look at why we compare in the first place.

Many people compare themselves to others in hopes of feeling better about themselves. It helps them see some self-value. Other times it is done purely out of habit. We live in a data driven world which measures everything. It is hard not to measure our own statistics and then compare them to the world. Especially when everybody else is doing just that.

It has become a part of pop culture to compare ourselves to others. Living in an Instagram obsessed generation forces us to only see the best parts of other lives. People only put their life highlights on social media. Everyone posts the prize, but hardly anybody posts the process. For that reason, people are always comparing themselves to what they see on social. This is an unfair comparison because social media perpetrates a false narrative. It leads people to compare others greatest accomplishments with their own most prominent failures. Doing so is a recipe for unhappiness. Being happy is the backbone to good mental and physical health.

Losing weight is nearly impossible to do without sound mental health. Meaning we want you to be happy and healthy, not just lose weight. It’s easier to be happy on the weight-loss journey when you do not compare your practices, or results with other people. Everyone is different, so everyone has different needs. This leads to people having different treatment plans and ultimately different results. Since there are so many different variables between treatment plans, comparison is a waste of time. Spend less time comparing your self to others and you will be more likely to live a happy and healthy life.

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