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The Dangers Of Obesity

Picking up a couple of pounds during the year may not appear to be a big problem but, these pounds will add up over time. More than ⅓ of all adults in the U.S are overweight and being overweight or having obesity harms nearly every aspect of health. Carrying excess weight has been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, several cancers, depression, infertility, stroke, and more. This is partially due to the added stress and hormonal imbalances that obesity causes. The other factor is the unhealthy lifestyles associated with obesity such as inactivity, smoking, or poor dieting. Each year there are over 300,000 premature deaths attributed to obesity and weight gain. If you have obesity or have a BMI over 25, our physicians and health coaches are trained to help make sure you win the battle with obesity.

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