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The Effects of Weight Bias on Mental Health

Weight bias is a preventable phenomenon that can lead to countless mental health issues if ignored. Before we discuss the mental health effects, we need to understand what weight stigma/bias looks like. It can occur in many different shapes and forms. Weight bias can also occur anywhere at anytime. No matter what type of weight stigma an individual experiences, it is always hurtful and has lasting consequences.

Often it crushes people’s self-esteem and can lead to clinical depression. Be sure to consider a person’s mental health before stigmatizing them for their physical health. Better yet just don’t stigmatize anyone.

Our research has shown that due to weight bias, people may only see themselves as their disease state. Meaning they could be a fantastic plumber, painter, writer, cook, etc but they would ignore all these great qualities about themselves.

Rather they would only see themselves for their weight problems. And it’s usually not from a constructive perspective. Rather people who experience extensive weight bias tend to be super harsh on themselves. Meaning they beat themselves up a ton. Keep all of this in mind before you decide to insult or stigmatize someone about their weight.

Weight bias is a form of bullying. It can lead to years of negative self-talk and is horrible for an individual’s quality of life. A distorted self-esteem is detrimental to healthy personal relationships. This is because our friends, families, and associates are only going to treat us as well as we see our self. So, if a person has a poor self-image, chances are the world will treat him or her accordingly. Others judge their perspective of us based on how we see our self. Improve your self-image and you will see people start to treat you better.

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