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The Secret Sauce of Successful Weight-loss

Patience is the secret ingredient to success to weight-loss. It leads individuals to stick to their lifestyle changes even if results are not noticeable immediately. On a scientific note it creates time for the body to reset its pancreas. This causes the body to lower insulin levels and raise glucagon levels. Such a hormonal combination makes the body to enter a fat burning metabolism.

It is important to note that this process does not happen overnight. The phenomenon we are seeking from the process is called ketosis. It typically takes the body 3 to 7 days to enter ketosis. Once ketosis occurs, the body uses its own fat for fuel as opposed to external sources of energy. If a dieter is not patient enough to get past the first 3 to 7 days, then they will never enter ketosis. If they do not enter ketosis that means they will never enter a “fat burning mode.”

The first 3 to 7 days of a low carb diet can be difficult for many. Side effects such as headaches, excessive urination, and lack of energy are a few signs of the “keto flu.” It is important to have enough patience to out last this “keto flu.” Because once it passes, things get good. REALLY GOOD! The body shifts into a fat burning mode which leads to a much more energetic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Often there is a learning curve for people starting a new weight-loss program. As a result, patience is even more imperative to outlast this potential learning curve. People need to be patient enough to learn how to journal what they cook in the kitchen. They also need to be patient enough with their body to show results. People who try to rush the weight-loss process almost never succeed. You have most likely had un-healthy habits for over 10 years. So why would everything get better over night? We advise you give yourself a fair chance at good health and be patient!

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