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Top 5 Food Tracking Apps

In this day and age, your cell phone is an incredible tool. There are many apps that you can download to help make your day to day life more efficient. So why not download apps to help ease your weight-loss journey? We’ve compiled a list of wonderful apps that can make keeping track of your journey a whole lot easier.

(We are providing links to download the iPhone version of the app. Feel free to search and download the Android version if needed.)


MyFitnessPal is a wonderful app for logging food. The app features the biggest food database yet, a barcode scanner for easy journaling, a recipe importer, restaurant logging, and much more. This app is definitely a great place to start food journaling.

Carb Manager is a great food journaling app specifically for a keto diet. Carb manager functions as a carb and macros tracker, with a whole lot of other useful functions. For example, they offer a keto calculator, calorie counter, weight tracker, and exercise tracker.

iLiveMindful is another weight-loss tracking app. The app features the usual food journaling services, but also has some great added features. It includes a hydration tracker, supplement tracker, and a view of your continued progress. The app syncs with body composition analysis scales to keep all your data in one place. It also connects with the worlds most popular fitness trackers to help you log your daily step count. Within the app there are also numerous educational resources and tools to use as well.

The Lose it community has lost over 80 million pounds in total through the use of the app. Lose it also offers an easy to use barcode scanner but also has a “snap it” feature. The snap it features allows you to take a photo of your food item, not even the barcode, and the app will process and log it.

Lifesum can help you manage low carb, ketogenic, or high protein diet with ease. The app offers wonderful weight loss plans, diet plans, a macro tracker, a food diary, and a recipe guide.

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