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Virtual Coaching 101: All You Need To Know

Virtual coaching is a very powerful concept. It allows for clients to gain value from their coaches no matter where they are in the world. Meaning the client could be on vacation in Hawaii while still attending his or her routine coaching session and following the Mindful Living protocol.

This is only possible if the client has the right set of tools. They would need a smart phone, the ILIVEMINDFUL app, a Body Composition Analysis Scale, and decent Wi-Fi connection. Then all they must do is place the scale on a hard surface (not carpet) and step on the scale at the same time of the week that they normally do. Please be sure to follow all these steps correctly to ensure accurate measurements.

The data from the scale will then be sent to the ILIVEMINDFUL system. This is where coaches can access it and review it with you along with your food journal. Once a coach has all this information they can video chat you via the ILIVEMINDFUL app. This is a great example of virtual coaching.

If one does not have a scale but would still like to take advantage of virtual coaching they can visit one of our weigh in stations. Click here to see where you can weigh in via the ILIVEMINDFUL app. After you weigh in schedule your virtual coaching call as well. BOOM! That's almost all you need for your virtual coaching visit. But wait a minute.... something is missing! FOOD!

The ILIVEMINDFUL virtual coaching system works well with the Protein Buyers Club. Think about it, even if your coaching is virtual, you will still need food! So take advantage of this sweet deal and get a years membership to the protein club for $99. Not only will it give you access to wholesale prices but free delivery on your favorite protein as well.

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