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Weight-loss Results Can Effect Your Intimate Relationships

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Relationships are supposed to be built off love and support, no matter what may come up in either partners life. Even though this is a common expectation, this support may be lost during times of distress or change. One major change is a lover losing a significant amount of weight. Getting to a healthy weight is a major accomplishment and should always be celebrated. But while you may be proud of your successful journey, your partner could be feeling otherwise.

Improvements in your physical health, such as treating hypertension or type two diabetes, will also lead to improvements in your mental health. Leading you to be more active and willing to try new hobbies. This can come off as a sudden and alarming change to any significant other.

Your developing self-love may also change the way your partner sees you. This can lead to your partner thinking they’ve lost a part of you, complicating any relationship. Before a major loss of weight, partners may be extremely codependent on each other. It’s usually either physically, financially, emotionally, or all three.

Progress in personal health alters an individual’s mindset. People are more likely to gain independence and confidence in their day to day life living mindful. This sudden self-sufficiency may come off as threatening to select significant others. All of these scenarios seem frightening for any relationship. They are less likely to arise when there is a good line of communication between the two lovers. Ideally, from the start of your weight-loss journey, make sure your significant other is aware of your progress going forward. Also, encourage them to voice any concerns they may have as soon as they come up, so that you can talk it out ASAP.

It is important to note that significant weight-loss and bariatric surgery will certainly not solve any relationship problems. So, don’t expect a picture-perfect relationship after you get your health in order. Life doesn’t work that way. For that reason, we recommend attending a support group. Click here to learn about all the benefits of a support group.

Support groups for post bariatric surgery or for weight loss programs often allow spouses/significant others to join. If this is available to you, take advantage of the opportunity and allow your partner to learn more about your journey. Couples therapy is another great option for you and your significant other to successfully overcome any changes you may be going through.

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