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What Is is a map used to locate devices that compute individuals body composition. Body composition consists of body fat percentage, lean mass, hydration levels, and much more. The purpose of Free Weigh In is to provide the masses with the insight needed to safely lose weight. The goal of is to create a network of body composition calculators that anyone can access. We believe testing one’s body composition should be free. It should not cost people money to know about their disease state. Until now the weight-loss industry has only served the wealthy. We believe that by giving free access to body composition calculators the weight loss industry will be forced to pivot and therefore lower their prices. Hopefully this will lead to more people getting professional care for their obesity. Currently we are looking for strategic locations to host our technology. We are open to partner with medical providers, dietitian's, gyms, grocery stores, and other small businesses. If you would like to learn more on how to leverage our technology visit

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