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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

ILIVEMINDFUL is the weight-loss ecosystem associated with the Mindful Living Institute. It consists of a user friendly app, body composition analysis scales, and wellness tracking devices. When ILIVEMINDFUL is paired with the Mindful Living protocol the eco system is being used to its full potential. The purpose of the ecosystem is to provide the infrastructure patients need to safely lose weight. The body composition analysis scales provide patients with data about their body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and hydration level. All this data is stored on the patients’ app so that they can keep track of their own progress. The app also pairs with numerous sleep and step tracking devices. In addition to pairing with all these devices, the ILIVEMINDFUL app is a great food journaling and exercise logging tool. The app provides HIPPA compliant messaging and tele visits. Meaning that patients can meet with their health care provider virtually over video chat for their visits if needed.

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