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What Is Protein Buyers Club?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Protein Buyers Club is a private buyers club started by the Mindful Living Institute. The goal of the club is to provide the average retail buyer with exclusive wholesale prices on their favorite protein. We are sourcing our products from some of the most trusted manufactures in the industry. Membership for 1-year will cost $99. However we are giving a FREE lifetime "Founders Membership" to the first 1000 people who place an order on the website. Not only does this membership unlock exclusive wholesale deals but it also covers protein shipping fees.

Currently the site has HealthWise protein shots, shakes, and chips. All of these products are integral parts of the Mindful Living protocol. In the upcoming months we will be shipping protein bars from the site as well.

Our goal is to provide you with “the Costco of protein.” In order to do this, we know we will have to offer product variety. We are currently taking a serious look at including products from Bariatrix on our website next. They have a wide variety of bars and chips and will be able to replace the Ideal Protein wafers and snacks that we all have grown to love.

Quest Nutrition products and Bang Keto Coffee are also two other brands we will one day ship to club members as well. Anyways if you are ready to start saving money on protein click here to join Protein Buyers Club. Also, if you have product suggestions please contact us at:

(240) 888-4950

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