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Why Does My Gym Need A Doctor?

Currently when an individual wants professional advise on how to live a healthier lifestyle they must partake in a complicated process. This process is especially inefficient for people who seek medical weight-loss counseling. These patients must go to multiple different locations and experts in order to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. First they have to go to their doctor, then they have to go to the gym, grocery store, pharmacy, and dietitian. If that same patient has diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other condition associated with metabolic syndrome they will also have to go to numerous different specialists. We believe a lot of patient resources are wasted within the current paradigm of weight-loss medicine. Patients waste time and gas driving between the different locations they have to go to. In order to combat this problem we are opening up satellite clinics at some of the most premier gyms in the area. These gyms will be a one stop shop for living a mindful and healthy lifestyle. At these satellite clinics our patients will have access to both the best weight-loss doctors in the world and some of the best gym trainers in the world. These clinics will also carry meal replacements for patients seeking more structure along their weight-loss journey. The first satellite clinic will open on November 5, 2018. Through these clinics our plan is to make the weight-loss journey more efficient for patients.

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