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Why You Need a Weight Maintenance Coach?

Deciding to go on a journey to better your health can be a great change to your life. Just like with other major life changes, having guidance from an outside force is crucial to your lasting weight-loss success. This is the main reason as to why monthly meetings during the first 2 years of the weight maintenance phase are necessary.

What many people don’t realize is that the weight loss journey still continues after you’ve gone down to your goal weight. Without proper care, it can be easy to gain back a lot of the prior weight lost. Monthly meetings are necessary to help prevent this. Feel free to follow up more often if you must.

Follow up meetings consist of useful concepts such as goal planning, motivational help, feedback, strategies, and reinforcement. All these things can help you stay on the right path, and ensure you keep the weight off. It’s easy to fall off the wagon after you reach your target weight. Success can often be the leading cause for ditching the Mindful Living lifestyle. For that reason, your coach will be a wonderful mentor for you, as they offer an outside look into your journey. What makes them different from a life partner or family member is that they will be unbiased. For example, they will be able to better see if you’re not handling a situation correctly - something that a family member or partner may miss. They will also be sure to celebrate your successes and help you overcome any obstacles.

A weight loss coach can also be a great resource for other help. They can be a reliable source to reach out to for when you may be looking for other specialists or programs. For example, if you may be looking for a support group, sleep specialist, or therapist, chances are the coach can make a credible referral. It’s also important to make sure that you stay consistent with your monthly weight maintenance meetings. They can be one of the major forces keeping you on the right track. Your coach will also always be your partner along the way. They will help you keep the weight off. Learn weight maintenance from a coach to make “yo-yo dieting” a phenomenon of the past!

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