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6 Health Benefits Of Being A Broke College Kid

1. You Walk Everywhere

Most college freshman are not even allowed to bring cars on campus. With that being said let’s not pretend that the average college kid can afford maintaining a car even as an upperclassmen. While this may not be the most convenient thing it does force students to walk everywhere. Walking has numerous health benefits which you can learn more about here.

2. You Don't Eat Out As Much

As a working adult I have started to realize how expensive eating out is. This is both from a financial perspective and a health one. Being a broke college kid forces you to eat in. While this doesn’t always mean healthier habits, at least you are more likely to know what you are putting into your body. Eating out doesn’t give you the same freedom.

3. You Have Healthy Options For The Same Price

Freshmen year of college my dining hall usually had two sections. One was full of fried unhealthy salt filled options, and the other was full of healthy protein and vegetables. Without even knowing which school I was attending I am sure you can imagine which section attracted more people. This is absurd because healthy food costs just as much as unhealthy food in a buffet style dining hall.

4. You Get Reduced Gym Rates

If you have already paid thousands of dollars for your college tuition, I am sure your school grants you gym access at a free or a discounted rate. Schools invest money to provide you these resources. The question however is, “Are you investing the time needed to get the health results you desire?”

5. You Save Money On Education Platforms

Students get discounts on many streaming services. The one that comes to mind for me is Spotify. They give students nearly 50% off on their service. While the platform is indeed dominated by music, it does still have countless hours of educational materials via podcasts. Take advantage of your student discount and listen to something that will teach you to live more mindful.

6. You Have Time

I know you feel busy as a student. Between academics, social life, extra curriculars, exercising, and intimate relationships you think you’re busy. I hate to break it to you, life gets even busier. As you mature, your job will get more serious, your relationships will require larger investments of time, and you will have bills. Develop healthy habits at a young age while you still have time. You think resources are tight because you’re in college and have no money. You don’t realize you have more time than you ever will. And time is the most valuable resource in the world.

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