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6 Important Weight-loss Tips For Beginners

1. Don’t compare your journey to others

Everybody is unique since we all have different body compositions. As a result, people lose weight at different paces. Some burn the fat off much faster than others. Even if they eat the exact same thing. Since everybody is unique there cannot be one universal diet plan that works for all. Please remember that just because the trendy new diet program in town is working for your friend, does not mean it will work for you. So, there is no point comparing your weight-loss journey to others. We are all different.

2. Drink lots of water

Moving into ketosis will have you losing a lot of water weight at first. You will be going pee often. It is important you replenish your body with water. Increasing your water intake can improve energy levels and has numerous other benefits.

3. Keep your food simple

Your goal is to reset your pancreas and shift your body into a fat burning metabolism. This alone is difficult enough, especially with the way society is today. Between fast food delivery, unhealthy affordable options at the grocery stores, and lack of work life balance, it’s tough to make healthy choices. So, do not try to over complicate your recipes at the beginning of your Mindful Living journey. Instead find simple low carb high protein recipes that are easy to follow.

4. Don’t obsess over the scale

We do not want you to weight your-self more than once a week. While it is important you monitor your progress, obsessing over it can hinder progress. Focus on non scale victories. Such as lowering body measurements and increasing energy levels. Acknowledging these types of wins makes one feel as if they are making progress and leads them to want to stick to this lifestyle.

5. Be patient

Rome was not built in a week and neither will your dream body. Give your self time. Focus on developing healthy habits and the aesthetics will take care of themselves. But please do not rush this process. If you want your results to stick, TAKE YOUR TIME! Rushing the process can cause serious health issues.

6. Take progress pictures

You only have one chance to take the “before” picture. Don’t over think it, just do it! You don’t have to share it immediately. But once you lose your first 50 lbs you may feel inspired to share your progress. Furthermore, documenting your progress will inspire your friends and family to start reevaluating their own health situation.

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