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6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Life is full of many different challenges. Losing weight is a common one many people face in hopes of bettering their health. The US weight loss market is on track to be worth over 70 billion dollars this year. It’s a huge industry with tons of solutions. It’s important to know that not all these solutions are created equally. Some are safe, while others are dangerous. Certain solutions work great for some people and horrible for others. Either way we are here to discuss our own solution. Our protocol is based on scientific evidence. If personalized correctly, and followed to the T, the Mindful Living principles should work for 100% of people. However, this certainly is not the case. Here are the 6 most common reasons that Mindful Living isn’t working for you:


1. You’re not tracking macros

You cannot do the Mindful Living Protocol without tracking your macro nutrients. It’s important you use a food tracking app or diary to journal your food. Doing so will both slow down your decision making process and keep your actions accountable.

2. You’re not in ketosis

Your body can either be in fat storage mode or fat burning mode. If your body depends on sugar as it’s main source of energy than it’s in fat storage mode. In order to enter the fat burning mode you must put your body into ketosis. This will help you burn and use your own body fat as a source of energy

3. You’re consuming hidden carbs

Reducing carbs to under 50grams (can vary) per day is necessary for the body to enter ketosis. It’s important to know that “carbs” are just another way to say sugar. Be mindful of hidden carbs in your drinks (milk), fruits, vegetables, and snacks.

4. You’re snacking too much

Even if your “snacks” are protein meal replacements, you must limit them. Only eat the amount of food which is recommended. Do you best to eat this amount. Not more and certainly not less. Staying properly hydrated will also help your snack less.

5. You’re too stressed

Stress effects all aspects of life. Especially your health. The goal of Mindful Living is to reset your pancreas and shift your metabolism into a fat burning mode. Doing so requires hormonal changes. These changes are nearly impossible under copious amounts of stress.

6. You’re not sleeping enough

While the behavior changes occur during the day, the hormone shifts occur during sleep. In order to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner you must get 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night. Getting less could potentially negatively impact your intended results.

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