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Breaking News: Sitting Is The New Smoking

86% of American workers sit all day long for their jobs and it is becoming a nationwide problem. Researchers have linked long periods of sitting with multiple health risks and even as a risk factor for premature death. The reason that sitting is so dangerous is that it creates endothelial dysfunction, which in simpler terms means poor blood flow and artery health. In The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study scientists calculated that “every additional hour spent watching TV per day may be associated with an 11 percent increased risk of death”. In addition to that study, the American Cancer Society found that “excess sitting was associated with a shorter lifespan regardless of physical activity levels”. That means that even if one was to exercise vigorously for an hour after work they would not mitigate the negative effects of sitting. We know that everyone cannot go out and quit their desk jobs but there are a few solutions that prove to be helpful. One effective option is to switch to a standing desk to elevate the heart rate and burn more calories during the day. As for the people who cannot opt for that adjustment, taking breaks and “walking meetings” are great alternatives. A study performed by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that “regular interruptions in sitting time can be beneficial” and that they can be as short as 1 minute in length. Start today by being mindful of the time spent sitting and take action towards a healthier lifestyle. 📷

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