Content Creation 101 for Physicians

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

In a previous blog post titled ‘A Doctors Survivor Guide to Social Media in 2019’ we mentioned the importance of creativity, context, and volume in the world social media. However, it’s important we mention none of those things are possible without content. Content is the product of creativity. Content placed in the right context at high volumes can grow any brand. Growing brand is imperative because it will increase patient flow, retention, and reimbursements.

Content can be produced in 4 different forms. They include written word, images, videos, and audio. Before discussing the details of each form, we must also establish that content online has two genres. Entertainment and education are the only two genres of content online. Everything else is typically just ignored. Social media users are usually also flooded with advertisements and value-less spam content. For that reason, its important brands focus on bringing value by being “the show” and less “the advertisement.”

Through this mindset medical providers could write some of their best advice in a form of a blog. This written word can then be distributed all over the internet paired with custom graphics. Patient interactions could also be recorded on video. This footage could then be edited and posted on Youtube (with patient permission) as a vlog. The content creation possibilities are endless. Physicians could even start their own podcast and invite other industry experts to be on their show.