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How to Market a Weight-loss Company Online Successfully?

While progress photos are important in the weight-loss industry, they are over valued by marketers. This over valuation has only occurred in the past 10 years since the mobile and social media revolution. Because everybody has a phone these days and all those phones have cameras, there are more opportunities to take photos. As a result, our newsfeeds' and twitter feeds are over saturated with before and after weight-loss images.

It’s a shame because many of these are fake. Yes people go out of their way to fake before and after images in order to manipulate others to join their weight-loss program. Sometimes they will even use two completely different people for the progress images. These snake oil salesmen tactics made Facebook react and ban such images in their sponsored content.

For this reason, you have never see a paid advertisement with a before and after photograph. Some marketers feel this is unfair because television ads use ‘before and after’ photos all the time. Facebook does not care about these marketers’ feelings and would rather protect its users.

So how the heck does a marketer in the world of weight-loss break out from the noise? It’s simple! Document client journeys and provide value. Every piece of content you put out should either educate or entertain your audience. If you make your content exceptional then you will not even have to put much advertising dollars behind it. Good content travels.

However, if you are just starting off, PLEASE DO NOT OVER THINK THIS! Just start documenting. Film your client interactions (with written permission of coarse.) This will show new prospective clients you value transparency. It will also prove that you are open to sharing the journey with them and not just the results. Filming client interactions will also empower your current client base. Check this blog post out about why the Mindful Living Institute films patient interactions.

After filming some patient interactions, it would be advised to upload this “pillar” content to YouTube or Instagram TV. We call it “pillar content” because it is much longer and will be the origin for our micro content. Once the pillar content is created the next step is identifying potential viral micro content.

Then it is the marketers’ job to contextualize and distribute that micro content for the appropriate platforms. He or she can do this by writing insightful captions, including emojis, picture frames, etc. The process can summarized in 3 simple steps. Document, create, distribute. First document pillar content. Then use that pillar content to create micro content. After used paid media and organic traffic to distribute the micro content across the 7 or 8 largest social media sites in the world. Boom! That’s a beginners guide to marketing a weight-loss business online.

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