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Now You Know: Accountability 101

When selecting a weight- loss program it is important to join one that promotes accountability. Accountability is the secret ingredient to any program that produces lasting results. Accountability can look like several different things but always involves two parties partnering and holding each other responsible. One of the reasons we require our patients to come in on a weekly basis is to promote accountability. By visiting a health coach every week, the patient is forced to live his or her life to a certain standard. The reason for this is because the patient does not want to let the health coach down. At the Mindful Living Institute we take accountability very seriously. We even give patients the chance to opt in for daily accountability coaching. This coaching can either be done through texting or via talking on the phone. The main point is that the coaching is consistent and is personalized. Each patient that decided to opt in for the daily accountability coaching is meant to have a unique experience.

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