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Now You Know: Carb Withdrawal

When you've been consistently consuming carbs, your body has adjusted to relying on those carbs for energy. Therefore cutting out carbs can be a shock to the body. Getting through the first week of a low carb diet can be pretty rough. In the beginning you will crave the carbs that have been cut out of your diet. This is completely natural, however it’s important to fight these urges. Please note that a low carb diet doesn’t mean that you should be starving yourself. Instead plan out healthy and tasty meals, and make sure you’re eating regularly. This can help you combat those pesky cravings, and stay interested in your diet. Days three to five are the most challenging. Many people experience the “carb flu” during this time period. This phenomenon is theorized to occur due to your body’s glucose reserves being used up, even though your body is not yet used to running on fat and protein. Some symptoms of the carb flu include but are not limited to feeling shaky/jittery, irritable, and fatigued. These days aren’t exactly the most enjoyable, but keep in mind that they are temporary. After that first week of dieting, many people feel better than ever. That is because their body has entered the fat burning mode of ketosis. In this stage individuals may have a better sense of mental concentration, a smaller appetite, and an increased sense of energy. Stick through the initial discomfort of your new low carb diet, and the good will eventually outweigh the bad.

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