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Now You Know: Mentorship and Weight-loss

Mentorship is a concept that has changed my life dramatically. It has saved me from making many mistakes. There is nothing more valuable than getting advice from someone that has already walked down my path.

In the world of weight-loss a mentor can come in many forms. For example it can be in the form a health coach. These people are there to hold you accountable and help personalize your health plan. Read this post on 7 things to look for in a great health coach to help you select the right one.

Investing in a health coach is a great first step into taking advantage of the world of mentorship. The best health coaches are the ones that have lost weight themselves. We also recommend you get plugged in with a community that has done a similar weight-loss program to you. The Mindful Living Institute offers a support group every Tuesday in Clarksburg which you can RSVP to here. The group is free and open to anyone on the weight-loss journey.

At this support group you will meet people who have lost upwards of 50 pounds using the Mindful Living Protocol. These are the best people to follow and build relationships with. They have gone through the journey that you are going through now and know the struggle. A great example of mentorship is Lisa Olverson from Not only has she lost a lot of weight, but she has recorded her coaching sessions to provide the transparency that many are looking for before jumping into Mindful Living. Find someone like Lisa and follow them till you reach your health goals!

A personal trainer is another great example of a health mentor. They are meant to help you improve your physical and mental strength through exercise. Hiring a personal trainer can get expensive but is well worth the investment. They will ensure safe and efficient workouts. Anyways the point is that it does not matter if you work with a health coach, successful dieter, personal trainer or ALL THREE. Just do not attempt to go on this journey alone. Use all the help and support you can get!

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