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Now You Know: The Importance of Failure

Failure is a concept that we all have encountered before. It is safe to say that failure plays an integral role in achieving long term success. One can not accomplish anything notable in life without first dealing with failure. Therefore, the character of a man is revealed through how he reacts to failure.

Winners and losers have two completely different attitudes towards failure. Winners look at failures as stepping stones to success. They are considered winners because they re-frame all losses as learning experiences. Only a self-proclaimed loser ever truly loses. Everyone else will either win or learn.

Such an attitude towards success is applicable to all areas of life. Whether it be weight-loss, school, business, or relationships, failure is never final. So next time you fall remember the famous motivational speaker Les Brown’s words “Land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up!”

In other words, stay optimistic and just don’t quit. Perseverance is the one trait all successful individuals have in common. For the purpose of weight-loss it is important to persevere through the carb withdrawal when entering ketosis. Once someone outlasts the temporary side effects associated with cutting carbs, weight-loss is almost inevitable. However, this can only be done with immense levels of perseverance, dedication, and grit.

Both perseverance, dedication, and grit are qualities human beings have control over. Developing all of them is necessary in order to successfully manage and overcome failure. Such qualities also help re-frame one’s attitude towards failure. People who persevere see failure as an inevitable part of success.

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