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Now You Know: Who Is Vikram Mangat?

Recently I realized that constantly being in “go” mode led me to never formally introduce myself. My name is Vikram Mangat and I am a 25 year old senior in college. I am the chief editor behind all the ILIVEMINDFUL.COM blog posts you constantly read. I am also the business operator behind the Mindful Living Institute.

I got into the weight-loss industry initially because I wanted to help my mom. For those of you who don’t already know, Dr. Harminder Kaur is my mother. In 2017 she got board certified in obesity medicine and started her own weight-loss practice.

I sat back for about a year or so and watched my mom work super hard in her practice to build another company’s brand. Since she was new to the industry, she was forced to promote other people’s products and programs. She lacked her own brand. The first step I took to change that was build the ILIVEMINDFUL website.

Once the website was built and branded, we eventually started our blog. Which as you may already know includes weight-loss tips, advice, recipes and more. Building this gave us the desire to further develop our brand.

So, we partnered with a meal replacement manufacture from Georgia and started our own product line. We started to private label protein bars, shakes, soups, and breakfast items with the Mindful Living logo. Next, we found another manufacture from Arizona and started private labeling dietary supplements such as Omega 3 and Cal-Mag.

All of this private labeling made us feel weird using other people’s technology. For that reason we found a team of engineers and created the ILIVEMINDFUL app in October of 2018. We launched the app too early and it was full of bugs. Luckily, we had good relationships with our patients, so they were fairly understanding.

We have updated the app multiple times ever since. Now we have also upgraded the body composition scales the app pairs with. The BCA scales can now measure visceral fat levels. Visceral fat is the kind of fat that can determine risk for numerous diseases.

We also have a Mindful Living protocol that pairs with the app. The protocol costs nothing but does require an email address to access. In addition to the protocol we started the Mindful Living support group this year. In the past I never would have know how to deal with all these moving parts. I am lucky to have a good team and even better community behind me.

Our next steps are to serve patients globally through our virtual consultation platform. We also plan on shipping those patient’s food through Protein Buyers Club. The only other venture left that we haven't mentioned is Protein Soda. But shhhhhh, I must keep my mouth shut for now! I am not allowed to talk about that yet…

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