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Less is More: Patient Conversations In Weight-Loss

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Patient conversation in the world of weight-loss requires a strategic approach to ensure the best results. It is imperative that doctors are up to date on the most current information and innovations within the industry. Furthermore they must be able to engage patients without confusing them with too much medical jargon. Another unique challenge doctors face is being mindful to implicit weight bias. Health care professionals must figure out how to encourage people to live healthy lives, without offending someone for their current lifestyle choices. Here at the Mindful Living Network we use a medically monitored, multidisciplinary weight management program. We incorporate full meal replacement products with behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. The Mindful Living Network has seen a lot of success with the diabetic population. The reason our program has been so successful is because we utilize effective communication with our patients. Doctors often use heavy terminology and medical jargon that is easily misunderstood by patients. To correct this, we want to simplify the terminology used to allow for better understanding between doctors and patients. This clear communication allows us to educate patients more practically and improve their chances of long lasting success.

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