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Planking: Is it worth it?

Planking is one of those exercises that you begin and immediately regret thirty seconds later. They have a magical way of turning 1 minute into an eternity. Even though they’re difficult, here are a few reasons planks are worth the struggle.

1. Improves balance and posture

Getting down into a plank can actually improve the way you stand and walk. Working the muscles of the core can improve your sense of balance by making your body more stable. This is because our core muscles’ basic function is to keep our spine straight and keep us from falling over. Building a strong core will encourage a healthy posture and even help prevent damage to the spine.

2. Improves coordination of muscle groups

Planks are a particularly great ab exercise because they engage all parts of your core. Additionally, they also help to coordinate multiple muscle groups to function at the same time. When performing a plank, your abs are working in sync with your shoulders, hips, legs, and arms to achieve this position. By using these muscle groups together you are improving their ability to work with each other in harmony. When your body is in sync it is better equipped to do its’ job of keeping your spine stable and safe.

3. Increases overall muscle tone

If you’ve ever performed a plank you know that much more than just you’re abs are worked in this position. You will feel a burn in your arms, shoulders, back, and even legs. It is because this exercise requires the rest of your body to assist your abs in holding you up. After performing planks for some time you will notice that not only are your abs becoming more toned but so is the rest of your body.

4. Is a bodyweight exercise that you can do anywhere

During unprecedented times such as now, it is not always possible to hit the gym so this makes planks a great alternative. You do not need to buy any equipment and you can begin to tone your whole body without ever stepping foot into a gym. This makes this exercise an excellent option when you don’t have much time or don’t have access to a gym.

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