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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Regardless of the season, tea is a great drink served hot or cold and is the most popular beverage worldwide. Tea is not only a delicious natural drink, but it also has many beneficial health effects. Drinking tea can help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, the risk for diabetes, and body fat. It can even aid in the prevention of cognitive decline or stroke in older people. Another advantage of drinking tea is that it is packed with antioxidants. These are great for reducing oxidative stress on the body. Obesity is commonly linked with a state of oxidative stress and the introduction of an exercise program will add to that as well. To protect the body from all that damage and stress try drinking 3 cups of white or green tea per day. Aside from the physical benefits, tea also has psychological benefits. In a study performed by the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was revealed: “that within minutes of drinking tea anyone may be able to attain a relaxed but alert brain-wave pattern” similar to that of which a Buddhist monk would have after 90 minutes of meditation. Tea is a great no-calorie alternative to water and fits in perfectly well with any weight-loss program.

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