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Weight-loss with a Life Partner

Life often throws many obstacles our way, and we may find ourselves stuck in difficult circumstances. In times like these, having a life partner can be a huge stress relief. A life partner can be anyone who plays a large role in your daily life, whether that be a romantic partner or a best friend. Life partners specifically play a pretty large role in goal achievement. In a weight loss journey, a life partner can help you get quite far. However, they also may impede some of your success. When looking into making a change in your health and lifestyle, it's important to be aware of the affects your partner may have on the process.


How a Life Partner may Impede Your Success ?

  • Due to a sudden change in your diet when beginning your weight loss journey, a life partner may not be as supportive as you want when it comes to eating healthy. Your partner may not be willing to adjust to buying healthy groceries or preparing and eating nutritious meals. Living with someone who has a different preference in food than you can also lead to them possibly discouraging you from eating healthy, or even tempting you to take a “cheat meal/day.”

  • Life Partners may also negatively influence your workout schedule. Many dieters have reported that their partners can sometimes be a distraction from getting up and exercise. They may also attempt to get you procrastinate working out in favor of other activities.

  • Living with a life partner who does not support your weight-loss endeavors can have negative emotional effects on the relationship. People sometimes feel as though their partners hold their relationship as a bargaining chip when it comes to continuing their weight loss or not. You can learn more on how weight- loss results can affect your relationship here.

How a Life Partner can Help Guide You to Success?

  • Losing weight requires a lot of perseverance and responsibility. It can get hard at moments to make sure that your following your plan as best as you can when you’re working by yourself. In these moments, an outside force such as your life partner can be a great asset. Dieters have often reported that their partner can act as a great facilitator and "interferer." A partner can act as a facilitator by aiding you in accomplishing your goals, for example by buying healthy groceries for the house. Your partner can also act as an "interferer" by preventing you from following through with actions can negatively impact your success, for example stopping you from eating an unhealthy dessert.

  • In many cases, life partners chose to tackle their weight-loss journey together. This can be a great way to hold each other accountable and manage progress together.

  • Living with a life partner who does support your weight loss endeavors can lead to a great feeling of emotional support. Having someone there to validate your accomplishments and support you through your tough days can make all the difference in your overall weight loss journey.


Communication is key when it comes to starting a brand new life style with your life partner in the picture. Be sure to have open communication with your partner, and know when to seek help from outside sources in negative circumstances. The people you surround yourself have a great impact on your success.

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