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Weight Stigma from the White House

“That guy has got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising. Got a bigger problem than I do. Got a bigger problem than all of us!”

Imagine how it feels to hear these stigmatizing words directed to you from the President of the United States of America. Let alone in an arena full of thousands of laughing people. Imagine going to a rally in support of the president just to be ridiculed about your health in front of all his other fellow supporters. Well this was a true story for retired US navy man Frank Dawson. Even though Frank is forgiving President Trump for his words, the world must still hold the President accountable.

Obesity is a serious disease which takes countless lives around the world every year. It is also one of the leading causes for metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes. Meaning it is nothing to joke about. We must educate our leaders and elected officials on how harmful their words can be. President Trump made fun of Frank for his weight, and the entire arena laughed. This is a form of weight stigma which can lead to numerous mental health issues.

Weight stigma is a form of bullying which the world unfortunately accepts. While we understand that no single person is responsible for this, we do expect more from our elected officials. Bullying is a form of oppression and not part of the American value system. For that reason, we are asking President Trump to make a public apology, in addition to the private voicemail full of gratitude he already left Frank.

Editors Note:

*Please note that the Mindful Living Institute is not a politically motivated company. We are just doing our job in holding world leaders accountable for their actions in regards to the world of Obesity.*

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