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What To Look For In A Weight-loss Clinic?

Finding the right weight-loss clinic is one of the hardest parts about losing weight. Messing up on this can lead to a discouraging and uphill battle. Without the right guidance or accurate information people are putting themselves in danger. It is imperative to have a care team that is genuine and that has the right information. So what questions should an individual be asking when identifying the right weight-loss clinic?

1. Is there a Doctor supervising my journey?

2. Do they focus more on aesthetics or good health?

3. How often are they asking me to come in?

4. What is the value proposition of the clinic?

5. Who do I know that has seen success at the clinic?

While these five questions may seem simple they are all very important. It is vital to select a program that offers some sort of Doctor involvement. Losing weight requires chemical changes in the body which can be dangerous if not handled with adequate care. Also, many programs on the market offer expensive procedures to make people look good but these procedures are detrimental for the patients’ health. It is imperative to find a program that prioritizes good health over good looks. It is also important to find a clinic that promotes accountability. You should be required to come in on a weekly basis and should have the option for daily accountability calls or texts. Always look for a clinic that offers the full continuum of care. It is the clinics job to make all the options available and then the health care provider and patients job to select the appropriate ones. The last and most important thing you can look for is patient testimonials. Look for people that you know who have gone to the clinic. Did they get results? After all if it can work for them than why can’t it work for you?

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