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Now You Know: Is Exercise Enough?

A common misunderstanding many people have when losing weight is that exercise will be sufficient on its own. This is not true as a healthy diet is also imperative for safe weight loss. According to The National Weight Control Registry, 89% of people who use both diet and exercise were successful at keeping their weight off for over a year. On the other hand only 10% of participants were successful when they were exclusively exercising. It is important to note that accurate dieting isn't only about lowering calorie intake. Rather it is about monitoring body composition. By doing so we make sure you are only losing fat and not losing muscle. We use a Body Composition Analysis scale at the Mindful Living Institute to track lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, and hydration. This data helps the health care professionals adjust individuals diet plans for their own unique needs. We all have different bodies so there is no one size fits all protocol.

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