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Nidhi's Keto Kitchen: Paneer Tikka

Updated: May 30, 2019

(This recipe serves 2 -3 people)


  • Paneer 400 gms cut in 1 inch cubes

  • Besan (Chickpea flour) 1 tbsp

  • Carom 1/2 tsp (Ajwain)

  • Garlic and ginger paste 1 tbsp

  • Turmeric 1/2 tsp

  • Kasoori Methi (powdered dried fenugreek leaves) 1 tbsp (you can get this at Indian Grocery store)

  • Chicken tikka masala* 1 tbsp (you can get this at Indian Grocery store)

  • Pink Salt ½ tsp

  • Salt ½ tsp

  • Virgin Mustard Oil 2 tsp (it can be replaced with olive, however mustard oil gives better flavor)

  • Lemon juice 1 tsp


  1. In a pan add 1/2 tsp of butter, add carom after a few seconds add chickpea flour and roast till you start getting the roasted smell. It might take up to 5 mins, make sure you keep stirring so it does not get burnt.

  2. Make a paste of roasted chickpea flour, carom, tandoori masala, garlic & ginger paste, turmeric, karoosi methi, salt, oil and lemon juice.

  3. Gently rub the paste on the paneer cubes, make sure it is nicely coated.

  4. Heat your oven on high broil settings, place your paneer on a baking sheet. you can put them in satte sticks with zucchini, mushroom, peppers and onions cubes

  5. Cook for 10 mins then flip and cook for another 10 mins.

  6. Serve it hot with some Chat Masala (you can get this from Indian grocery store) and fresh lemon juice sprinkled on top with mint chutney on side.

* Chicken tikka masala regulates the amount of spice you want in your food you you can add less or more as per your taste. *

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