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Now You Know: Free Weights or Resistance Machines?

In most gyms there are both free weights and machines to choose from for working out. The free weights are the dumbbells and barbells portion of the gym. Machines on the other hand, are stationary systems used to isolate specific muscle groups. While both of these techniques can help one to lose weight, we recommend using the machines in the beginning of a weight-loss journey. Machine weights are fantastic at overloading the muscle and providing it with stimulus so that it can grow. Also, machines allow for slower progressions which is safer for new individuals in the gym. After training with the resistance machines for a few months it would then be safe to start working with some free weights. One of the most important factors in losing weight is exercising in a healthy manner that does not lead to injury. Getting hurt is a huge set back because it limits activity and makes it much easier to gain the weight back. Start slow with the machines and be mindful of the muscle groups that are being worked in any given exercise. To have the most effective weight loss routine it is important to utilize both styles of training however early on we suggest staying with resistance machines.

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