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Simple and Effective Exercises for Patients with Obesity

When patients with obesity start exercising we advise them to keep it simple. We recommend only cardiovascular exercises in the beginning because obesity is highly correlated with heart disease and many other circulatory problems. By focusing on aerobic exercises we allow our patients to burn the most amount of calories with their time. Here are 3 exercises that are guaranteed to help you succeed with your weight loss goals!

Chair Exercises (200-400 calories per hour)

This type of exercise allows for the patient to stay seated for the entirety of the workout and still burn calories. These exercises are for patients who have difficulty standing or walking and is used to help them workout even if they cannot support their current frame.

Aquatic Exercises (300-500 calories per hour)

Workouts performed in the pool are great for people overcoming obesity because they offer a low impact alternative to traditional exercise. Taking an aquatics class at a local gym 1-2 times a week is a great way to improve overall fitness in a safe manner.

Walking (400-600 calories per hour)

Simply incorporating 30-60 minutes of brisk walking into one’s daily routine can drastically reduce the risk for chronic disease. Walking also exposes one to more natural sunlight which can improve mood and creativity.

Exercise does not have to be super intense for it to be beneficial. All of these exercises are designed to elevate the heart rate and strengthen skeletal muscles without causing injury or unnecessary stress to the body. For any patient currently dealing with obesity, we suggest that they start with very simple and safe exercises. Exercise should not be intimidating and we are here to show you how fun, easy, and effective it can be.

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